Sunday, October 29, 2006

Well, it has now been almost 4 weeks since Bronson was born and he's been a lot of fun (and work) to have around. For the first few nights we had him next to our bed in a bassinet. However, all night (and all day for that matter) he makes little noises -- grunts, snorts, extra-heavy breathing, etc. -- and we just spent too much time awake making sure he was okay. But that's just the way he works. He's a little noisemaker. I can only imagine how it will be when he's Jolie's age -- he'll probably be king of sound effects or something and drive us nuts. So, needless to say, we made a little spot in Amberly's walk-in closet for the bassinet and we padded up her dresser in there and use that for his nighttime changing table. It works great because it's really closeby, yet private enough that we can close the door so we don't wake up whoever is taking their turn to sleep through it. Not to mention we don't have to hear every little grunt he makes. And it's right next to the bathroom which is handy for cleaning bottles and stuff. He's such a sweetheart and has been enjoying his Grandpa Mecham's company when he comes up to stay with us while he's working on his cabin.
A girl in our ward is just getting started taking portraits and she wanted to come over and get some pictures of Jolie and Bronson for her portfolio. We payed her a little sitting fee and she gave us the digital version of the pictures she took. She spent at least two hours on the whole thing, took a ton of pictures, and I think she did a good job. I'll post a couple of them here and a bunch more on our Flickr site at .

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bronson Owens Mecham

He was delivered today, Oct 3rd at 7:42 a.m. by C-Section. He weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and was 19-3/4" long. He and Amberly are very healthy and hopefully will be able to come home Thursday morning. He cried a lot while he was delivered and afterwards until he was bundled up and fed. This was completely different than Jolie, but most likely because Jolie went through the trauma of being unable to be delivered normally. I'm not making excuses - he is noticably more of a whiner than Jolie was on her first day, but he is still such a sweetie and once he got comfy he was all quiet and content.
Amberly hasn't been allowed to eat solid food, and her diet has pretty much been limited to water, apple juice, jello, and chicked broth. Poor girl! Needless to say, she's quite hungry for real food. Hopefully tomorrow some time she'll be allowed to eat solid food, and she'll feel better. I hope to give a few more updates as things progress over the next few days. Please check back often!