Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ben's Masterpiece!

The day finally came when the house was finished (mostly) and we moved in!
Of course that day was about a week after having the baby.
The move was tough but who's complaining.
I'm just glad Ben's long hard work is now done and we have a gorgeous home to live in!!
Ben's work blows me away.....it's just so amazing!!!

You're probably asking yourself what's next for us.......
Hummmm....Does anyone need any work done on their home?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bronson Helping Out in the Garage.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spontaneous Trip to Utah

Day 1: We drove to Salt Lake City to see my sister Cami and her family.

Me, Cami , & Faye
Thank you Johnston family for letting us stay at your house last minute. You did an awesome job remodeling your home....Good Luck selling it!

Day 2: Walked the Red Butte Gardens

Bronson & Carter
The boys had a blast running through the squirting water fountains.

I'm totally going to have Ben build me one of these in my backyard!!

Had to feed the fishes and duckies.

Day 3: To Altamont for the BIG Mecham family reunion.

We had tons of fun hanging out at the Lodge.

Crazy Jolie. She spent most of the time in the pool. We hardly saw her.

The Fab Four!
Gus, Kellen, Bronson, & Trey

This poor cat was left behind by a previous family. All the boys gave the cat plenty of love.

Ben had to take the kids out on the boat and try out some fishing. I don't think there were any fish in the pond but they sure had fun.

Day 4: Hit the Tracy Aviary before the long drive home.

I think they might be a little tired!!