Tuesday, August 31, 2010

San Diego - Mission Beach

Ben had a few days off work at the beginning of August and it just so happened that my mom and my sister-in-law Brianna were up for a little getaway so we threw together a very last-minute trip to the beach. Talk about spontaneous!

We brought our little family and Bri brought her family, minus Ruby (her youngest) and Golden, who had to stay back to work. (I guess somebody has to!)
We rented just about the only available condo anywhere near Mission Beach. When we were making calls trying to find a place with only 2 days notice, one guy actually laughed at me!

But, we made it, and man we had a good time! Too bad it was only for 3 nights... Bronson asked why we can't just live there. Who can blame him?

These cousins got to spend some much-needed time together...

...finding shells...

...and making sandy messes.

Ben had to get a couple of night shots.

And Grandma Merrill got caught sucking down way too many Diet Cokes...

We spent some time at Mission Beach park.

Ava and Emma got really into their sandcastle-making skills.

We had some issues with the sand.
Faye must have thought it was sugar...

You can tell Asher has older siblings.
He just laid there while they practically buried him alive.

Seaport Village
If you ever go to San Diego, you have to visit Seaport Village. It's a really cute shopping "village" right in the port, and it has some of the coolest little shops ever. There's a shop with all wood toys, which of course was right up Bronson's alley.

Did you really think we could pass up Ben & Jerry's?

Boy, those are some tired faces!

We had a great trip and we're already looking forward to next time... Thanks Mom and Bri for making this happen... We should keep up the tradition!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Not too bad for our first real garden...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Utah Excursion

We got invited to my brother-in-law Dallin's graduation in Salt Lake. That gave us a good reason to go up there and turn the trip into a family vacation. Good goin' Dallin!

They let us crash in their sweet new house...

While we were there we decided to hit up Thanksgiving Point at the peak of its growing season...

Ben went to Temple Square first thing in the morning to take some pictures...

And of course what's a trip to Utah without Lagoon...

Thanks Cami and Dallin, we had a blast!