Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Santa Monica Beach

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Beach and Fire

Ben didn't have to work Saturday so we loaded up the car on Friday and headed out to L.A.
We planned on staying at Jen & Cory's Friday night, beach all day Saturday, and then head out to my grandma's house in La Crescenta.
The Station Fire north of L.A. came out of nowhere.
Grandma evacuated her house Saturday evening so we stayed another night at Jen & Cory's.
Sunday we drove out to my Aunt Sandy's where grandma was staying.
Ben, Uncle Mike, and Grandma drove over to her house to see if things were okay.
From the bottom of the driveway looking up you could see the mountain on fire.
Ash covered all her plants and the house.
Leaving the house was scary because the fire department was unsure if the fire would go down the canyon or not. If the fire were to move down the canyon, grandma's house probably wouldn't make it. That night grandma went back home and decided to stay and not to leave again.
Grandma and the neighbors who stayed had a plan in place in case the fire got to close.
Three honks if someone's house was on fire.....
Two honks if someone was hurt....
One long honk when you were leaving.....
It was hard to leave family and come back home. We got home early Monday morning.
I tried calling grandma but the phone lines have been burned down.
She just emailed me and said the firefighters have some control of the area and her van is packed and ready to go if she needs to leave.
Pray for the firefighters. I bet they're exhausted.

Towards the end of the street near Briggs Terrace. Very close to grandma's.

This is what the sky looked like as we were driving home.