Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Jolie! Jolie turned 4 on March 31st. We were able to have a little party for her over at her cousin house in Mesa. I cant believe she is already 4. Time flies by.

Before going to Disney on Ice we went to the Rainforest Cafe. Jolie's favorite place!! She loves to watch the fish and all the animals go crazy during the rain storm.

On April 5th my mom and I took Jolie to Disney on Ice, Monsters Inc. It was so awesome. We sat in the second row and loved it!!

Weekend in Pinetop. We decided we wanted to go to the Snowflake temple and while we were that way we spent some time with Golden and his family. We took the kids on a hike and found a horney toad. Jolie thought if she kissed to toad it would turn into her prince. Well she kissed it and nothing happened. Then Jolie said she had to find another toad to kiss. It was a lot of fun to see Golden, Bri, Emma, Blaze, & Ava.

Nothing stops my Jolie Bear. Even with pink eye she still has to dance around!!

I dont know if you can see it but Bronson has really bad Eczema on is face. Jolie had the same problem which finally went away when she was one. Hopefully Bronson will grow out of it sooner the Jolie.
My Grandma Troffer and her sister Teresa came to visit my mom so me and the kids went down to Tempe to see them. It was really good to see my grandma. I love her and miss her a lot.

Jolie and Bronson are the best of friends. They love eachothers' company. Jolie's favorite thing to say right now is "Take a picture of me."! Everytime she says that I grab the camera and take a picture. She always tries to make a funny face and she really doesn't know how to. So her face always looks weird in pictures. Hopefully she will grow out of that soon.

Back in February Bronson got RSV. We had to do the breathing treatments for a week or so and help clear his lung so he could breath better. He was sick for a least a month. Since he got RSV he gets a cough really easy so it's been hard to take him places. I can't wait for the cold season to be over so that our family can stop getting sick.

Bronson's first bath!! He was so stressed out but he loved it at the same time. Now every time he hears the bath water running he gets so excited.