Monday, April 28, 2008

Disney On Ice
Finding Nemo!

We had so much fun going to Finding Nemo on ice. Jolie and her friend Janelle loved the show. I think I had more fun watching the kids get excited about all the character and cool things going on. Here are some pictures from the show.
Jolie & Janelle had their picture taken with Bruce the Shark

Marlin & Dory

Squirt and the other baby sea turtles

Bubbles, Bloat, and Jacques

Dory, Nigel, Marlin and the seaguls

Sunday, April 13, 2008


We had a hoppin' birthday party for Jolie. Most little girls turning 5 might want a princess party or a fairy one...but not my Jolie. She wanted a PiRaTe PaRtY! All the kids had fun making treasure boxes to hold all their loot, jumpin' in the pirate castle until they couldn't jump anymore, and smashin' the seahorse pinata until all the goodies went flyin'. To say the least we had way too much fun.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

All the fun with Easter.
The candy and the sweet stuff.
Bronson got this ridiculous marshmallow poofy pop in his Easter basket. He loved every bit of it which he devoured within that day.

My crazy Jolie always dreamed of getting a big swirly lollipop. Whenever she would see one she would always point it out to me. On Easter morning her dream finally came true.

In Jolie's Wednesday Joy School Class we always do little parties around the hoildays. Here we are having an Easter party at the park. The kids planted flowers, fed the ducks, decorated cupcakes and had a little egg hunt.

Jolie looking for her eggs.

Bronson figured he would investigate Jolie's stash.

He decided his single egg wasn't enough and that Jolie could share.

Abby & Bronson. The two the them are only 11 days apart.

Most of the time they just look at each other. They love to play and talk gibberish.

Jolie and Bronson love to hide the eggs in our yard and then find them over and over again. Jolie found some quite creative hiding places.

Sometimes the hiding places are a little obvious but still out of reach for Bronson.

Easter & Spring Break in Mesa

If you can't tell Jolie loves to decorate Easter Eggs!

All the cousins anxious to decorate their perfect Easter Egg.

Pretty Boy

Bronson Owens Mecham

Nicole (Ben's sister) loves taking pictures. These last four pictures from Mesa were taken by her. I love visiting and having her use my kids to better her photography skills.