Monday, September 29, 2008

Powder-Puff Football

Last Wednesday Bradshaw Mt. High School held their annual Powder-Puff Football game where the Junior Girls attempted to beat the Senior Girls.

The Senior Girls where "Back in Black" looking mean with their faces painted and hair pulled back in bandanas. That didn't scare the Junior Girls who where ready to go to war in their "Army Camo".

It was a close game. The Seniors pulled ahead and left the game roaring with their win of 14 to 12! Way to go Black!!
J. Mulberg, and R. Tieman anxiously awaiting the sidelines.

N. Heffner (top left face painted) ready to make her move.

We were there for mutual rooting for our favorite Seniors!

Moriah, D'ven, Joseph, and Chantel intently watching the game.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crazy Busy!!

Yes we are still alive! Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been helping Ben every day at the house. If I'm not at the house working, I'm running around looking at paint colors, trim ideas, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and what not. My head is spinning with colors and design ideas. It's hard to find a minute to update our blog. All of my creative juices are focused on the house. We really hope to have the house done by the end of the year (cross your fingers) and there's still TONS to do. I will report back later with pictures.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bronson's Favorite Things

"mumote" - remote
He calls it "mumote" because I'm (mom) in charge of the remote. So he puts mom and remote together and ends up with mumote.

"fiee" - fire
We call Bronson Mr. Intense for many different reasons. One being how intensely he concentrates on roasting hot dogs. He gets so serious about it, it can be scary.

"ice ceem comb" - ice cream cone

The kids are on an ice cream cone kick right now. Every once in a while, if Jolie comes home from school with a smiley face on her report, they get to go outside and eat ice cream cones. Bronson can't wait for the school bus to drop off Jolie and when it does he runs through the house screaming, "ice ceem comb!"

"mooney" - moon

Whenever the front door opens Bronson screams, "Outside mooney!" No matter the time of day he has to go check for the moon. Or maybe it's his way of trying to escape out the front door.

"sagobo" - circle

Crazy I know. Bronson could play with shapes all day. He'll sit on the floor and match up shapes then destroy what he has done. He will do this over and over. It's great!

"wa-ee" - water

Of course water. Everyday he wants to play in the hose. No matter the weather. I thought he would be sick of it by now ....but...noooo. He's obsessed with watering the grass, flowers, and himself. What are we going to do when it really starts getting cold?

More Lingo:

Jeah - Jolie

potsi - pizza

keyma - keyboard

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Zac Allen
My cousin Zac is living in Prescott Valley attending Guidance Helicopter School. Ben had the opportunity to go before dawn and take pictures of Zac before he flew to Williams. So here's Zac doing his thing.