Friday, April 24, 2009

Jolie's T-ball Game

Who knew t-ball involves tackling and wrestling for the ball?!? These kids are so funny to watch. They really have no clue that it's okay for another teammate to get the ball. It's a fight to the end to get the ball. After someone comes out of the pile with the ball the last thing they want to do is throw it home.
Jolie fighting for the ball
Coming out with the ball

Chillin' on the bench

Up to bat

Running home

Bronson enjoying the game

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter at the Mason's
It was totally raining during the egg hunt. Of course that didn't stop the kids.
Sorry no egg dying pictures. At that time Ben was off with the camera.

Zane, Bronson, Max, Justin, & Jolie
Bronson spent the whole time in Gus's room playing with the train set. It was hard to get him to come do the egg hunt. Right when the egg hunt was over he went straight back to the train.

Jolie's favorite part was hangin' out in the jacuzzi. She was there way past everyone else. Crazy little water bug.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jolie's Very Fancy Birthday Party!

We made fancy purses....

dressed up in our fanciest clothes...

(here's Jolie totally peeking)

played pin the jewel on the tiara...

took some fancy pictures....

decorated fancy cupcakes...

ate fancy food....

After all that fancy stuff the girls had to just let go. Running around and going crazy was the best part!