Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Trains Trains Trains

To say Bronson loves trains is an understatement.
He lives everyday in his own train world.
Everything becomes a part of his railway.
My favorite is our stairs becoming the steep tracks up the mountain, and all hallways leading to different destinations. Meal times never go without spoons or forks becoming trains.
I constantly hear Bronson making train noises. He's very intense and passionate about each train sound. They are all different and if you make the wrong sound he will correct you. It gets fun teasing him with wrong chuuuugs, hooops, whooooos, chhhhhhaas, and whatnot's. we took him to the train park in Scottsdale.
It was so much fun for me to see his face light up with excitement over and over.
He loved every minute of it.
Bronson watching the train pull into the station.

Bronson riding on the train with Grandma and Jolie.
The second time riding the train we put Bronson and Jolie in the freight car in the very back. When the train pulled back in, Bronson had fallen asleep. It was at the end of the day and I know he was tired.

Grandma & Bronson watching the model trains.

Faye & Jolie

It was a wonderful day!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Susan's Run

Before Jolie's birthday party our family participated in Susan's Run.
I explained to Jolie about my friend Susan Mortensen Turley who died of cancer and this run was for her and it was going to help other people who are sick like Susan.
She was very excited to help others and practiced running so she would be ready.
It was so fun watching Jolie run the mile.
She wanted to win the race and beat everyone.
As I ran behind her she would say the funniest things like.....

"Wow! This is what a real workout feels like."
"Do I get a prize when I'm done?"
"I can't let anyone pass me."
"I'm going to WIN!"

I think I found her sport.
Jolie & cousin Emma after the mile
Jolie, Emma, & Grandma Merrill

Right before the Kids Dash


One of my favorites memories of Susan
Years ago....
Back in high school....
When we were kids....
The Aquabats where playing at The Bash on Ash. For those of you who don't know who The Aquabats are here's one of their videos to help you see how crazy and fun they can be.
The Aquabats find themselves on a never-ending quest to right the wrongs, destroy boredom, and seek justice for all. Especially the kids!! (that's their motto)
Susan had this great idea. I mean GREAT IDEA!! She dressed up as Exact Change Girl. It doesn't seem like much but Susan was always thinking outside the box and always ready to have fun. She had a cape on and a belt that had one of those change disposers on it. She totally looked like she was part of the show. So of course she made it up on stage and The Aquabats shouted out change amounts for her to dispense. It was hilarious!! We had so much fun that night!
Susan was a blast to be around.
She always had fun and her smile was contagious.
To read more about Susan and her journey here on earth you can visit her blog at